Chairman's message

Assalamualaikum and warm greetings to dear colleagues and friends. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

It is a great honor for the Malaysia Society of Soil Science (MSSS) to host the 15th International Conference of the East and Southeast Asia Federation of Soil Science Societies (ESAFS 2022) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 22-26th of August 2022.

'Our Soils, Our Future' is the theme of ESAFS 2022. Climate change and unsustainable soil management practices are exacerbating the existing soil issues, which are further aggravated by the region's fast economic expansion and urbanization. As a result, preserving and enhancing soil health is critical to ensuring a sustainable food supply for the population in the future. ESAFS 2022 features a variety of relevant topics that will provide an update on the newest technology, advancements in soil science, and the opportunity to disseminate the acquired knowledge and promote R&D related to soil sciences. Some of the most distinguished world-renowned experts in the fields of food security and soil science will deliver keynote speeches.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused twice the postponement of ESAFS 2022. However, thankfully, Malaysia has now entered the endemic phase since April 1st, 2022, and our national borders are now opened for all travelers. Aside from the technical programme, attendees may wish to visit many of the spectacular tourist sites in Kuala Lumpur, as well as other regions of Malaysia. Delegates to this year's ESAFS can opt for a full Malaysian experience on the Pre-conference tour in Mah Meri Cultural Village, as well as Post-conference tour in the picturesque Cameron Highlands.

Welcome to join the 15th International Conference of the East and Southeast Asia Federation of Soil Science Societies (ESAFS 2022)

We look forward to seeing you in Kuala Lumpur.

ESAFS 2022 Committee

AdvisorProf. Mohamad Suffian Mohamad Annuar
Prof. Dr. Che Fauziah Ishak
ChairmanDr. Rosazlin Abdullah
Vice-ChairmanDr. Wan Rasidah A. Kadir
SecretaryDr. Siti Jariani Jani
Asst. SecretaryDr. Adibah Mohamad Amin
TreasurerDr. Lau Beng Fye
Asst. TreasurerDr. Ali Tan Kee Zuan
Ms. Nur Hafiza Abdul Halim
Scientific and Technical Dr. Samsuri Abd. Wahid
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rozainah Mohamad Zakaria
Dr. Jamilah Syafawati Yaacob
Dr. Muhammad Firdaus Sulaiman
Dr. Arina Shairah Abdul Sukor
Dr. Adibah Mohamad Amin
Mr. Pravin Vejan
Sponsorship and ExhibitionDr. Pozi Milow
Mr. Shaharudin Bakar
Mr. Amir Yasak
Mdm. Rozita Ahmad
Ms Noor Sharina Mohd Rosli
ProtocolDr. Wan Asrina Wan Yahya
Dr. Nur Qursyna Boll Kassim
Mdm. Nurziana Zin Zawawi
Mdm. Normawati Kamaruddin
Venue and LogisticProf. Ling Tau Chuan
Dr. Jeyanny Vijayanathan
Ms. Norizan Moez
Mr. Aaron Avit Ajeng
Conference Educational TripMr. Muhammad Zamir Abdul Rasid
Dr. Ahmad Farid Abu Bakari
Mr. Fazrul Edlin Saleh
Mr. Wan Mohd Rusydan Wan Ibrahim
Ms. Nur Saadah Abdul Halim
PublicityDr. Arpah Abu
Dr. Vijiandran Juva Rajah
Mr. Aaron Avit Ajeng
Mr. Tang Tze Piew

International Advisor Committees

Prof. Dr. Laura Bertha Reyes Sánchez (IUSS President)

Prof. Dr. Takashi Kosaki (Past President IUSS)

Prof. Dr. Shamsuddin Jusop (Fellow MSSS)

Prof. Dr. Nanthi Bolan

International Scientific Committee/President Soil Societies in Southeast Asia

Yu-Min Tzou (Chinese Society of Soil and Fertilizer Sciences (Taiwan))

Ashok K. Patra (Indian Society of Soil Science)

Budi Mulyanto (Indonesian Society of Soil Science)

Keishi Senoo (Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition)

Yongseon Zhang (Korean Society of Soil Science and Fertilizers)

Keshav Raj Adhikari (Nepalese Society of Soil Science)

Nenita E. dela Cruz (Philippine Society of Soil Science and Technology)

Pofayakon Limtong (Soil and Fertilizer Society of Thailand)

S.M. Imamul Huq (Soil Science Society of Bangladesh)

Zhang Jiabao (Soil Science Society of China)

Orchurbat BATKHISHIG (Soil Science Society of Mongolia)

Udaya Vitharana (Soil Science Society of Sri Lanka)

Tran Minh Tien (Vietnam Society of Soil Science)

Rosazlin Abdullah (Malaysian Society of Soil Science)

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